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"My Tiger is now sold...many thanks for placing the advert, it is by far & away the best place to buy or sell one of these great cars."

Sunbeam Tiger MK1A Metropolitan Police car – For sale Chassis Number: B382002380 HROFE – JAL 662385– Jensen Build Date 26th August 1966 JUL 390D is one of a small number of late MKIA Sunbeam Tigers acquired by London's Metropolitan Police in 1966. This one is a particularly nice example. Owned for over 10 years by the previous and late owner, a member of the Club for close on 40 years, who carried out much research into the Metropolitan police Tigers during his ownership. As a result the Tiger was reunited several times with Sergeant Police drivers formerly based at the Hampton police station. A large history file comes with the car. Fully restored by a previous owner and widely equipped with original police equipment, the Tiger is now offered by the family For Sale at £65,000 o.n.o. Commissioned by the Metropolitan Police in the fall of 1966 a police spokesman said at the time “With their high maximum speed the Tigers will play an important role in preventing reckless driving”. The Tiger went into service at the Hampton (TTU) police station in Middlesex and during its brief service was widely used as a pursuit vehicle on the new London motorways (M4/A4) for catching speeding motorists. It is said the Police sign was on the rear of the car so as to keep up a ‘Q' car appearance in the rear view mirror of the pursued. The Tiger is fitted with a 302 cu in engine and comes with a fully restored hard top in matching paint but otherwise to a standard specification. Featured in Practical Classics Spring 2012. £59,950 Gallery Please contact in the first instance Graham Vickery - Sunbeam Tiger Club or Mob. 07720 539167

SOLD: MK1. B9472993 HRO FE. PROJECT. Body completely refurbished with new floors, LHS wing, inner wings, new sills plus many many laborious hours of cutting and replacing all the rot these cars develop over time. Californian windscreen surround and two doors. All panels bought via Chris Draycott and body is now 100% sound and rot free. Many photos available to confirm extent of work carried out. Body glass blasted and 2 pack epoxy paint applied, inside underneath and on top. Underside then seam sealed and underbody protection applied. Work carried out by Classic Car Lab. LHS of body to block otherwise ready for paint. Many pictures available of prep work. All front suspension parts refurbished re bushed and painted ready to fit. Rear axle refurbished with new bearings and seals. All dashboard gauges refurbished and calibrated by Speedograph Richfield and read to fit. Original 260 engine will require rebuild and is complete with gearbox and correct bellhousing. Heads converted to lead freewith new valves. Propshaft refurbished with new universal joints. Some trim is reusable but it was my intention to replace all trim. Many other items, too long to lis, refurbished painted and ready to fit but all other parts present and ready to finish car. Don't now have the time to complete project. But all the hard work has been completed and have photographic records documenting all the work carried out. Just requires painting and rebuild can commence. Gallery. Offers around £17,500 Tel 07484293749 Email

SOLD: MK1. B9472883 HRO FE. One quite unique British Sunbeam Tiger. Many members will recall the Tiger George Hornsby built in the late 70's or saw it on its last public outing at Stowe (No.21) in 1989. George was a very competent engineer and knew his stuff. George owned his Tiger from 1970 and toured Europe widely to F1 GPs. George was a keen enthusiast of drag racing, visiting strips in his Tiger but he and it never got onto any. The Tiger is set up and taxed for road use but of course requires an extreme bonnet ‘bulge' to do so! George was in the midst of preparing the car for repainting when he passed away this summer aged 80.His family wish to find a new home for the Tiger and have taken the decision to ‘sell as is' so that another enthusiast can bring it back to life as he sees fit. Clearly either to its unique state of ‘drag build' or to revert completely to road use. The Club is helping to find that owner. However, in preparing these selling particulars the car has only ‘been seen' via photographs and what family members have described they have found. Viewing of B9472883 HRO FE – GWY 595C will be in Shipley, Yorkshire.
We believe under the supercharging kit is the original 260 with original crankshaft. It still wears the unique square tubular headers George designed and many other developments too numerous to mention here beyond a 5 speed transmission, trick front suspension and coil overs on the rear with a LSD fitted. The motorised components are believed to be in running order bar the needed top end rebuild to be finished. The photographs show the present condition of the Tiger and so what is needed to finish what George started – repainting, re-fitting the interior and commissioning the running gear. The ‘missing' parts – windscreen frame, new windscreen, seat runners, door regulators etc are loose with the car. In addition the Tiger comes with much of its original equipment, such as its gearbox and shifter and linkage, 2 bbl Autolite and AC Delco filter etc. Gallery Offers sought in the region of £30,000. There is a package of engine spares available for separate sale. Please contact: Graham Vickery for further info: or Muriel Bridge:
FOR SALE: MK1A. B382001836 LRX FE. JAL661837. Imported from USA where it had been converted to a sprint car by the removal of some interior and some minor bodywork changes including an extended valance. Since returned to standard body spec with new valance plus a Chris Draycott wing and front slam panel. Car is currently in bare metal, after stripping by SPL, now requires final paint prep before respraying. Due to a life in USA the body is in excellent condition; sills, box sections and wheelarches are perfect. Absence of paint, underseal, filler etc (just coated with heavy oil) means there can be no nasty surprises! As with all Tigers, the holes are drilled and threaded at the factory for the changeover to RHD if required. The Tiger comes with a 6 bolt 289 although a 260 could be available if preferred. It retains its original gearbox and rear axle; the numbers on both cross check with the chassis number in the Tiger build records. This is a rare chance to buy an authenticated, genuine Tiger poised at a condition where welding marathons aren't required, yet providing the opportunity to build a car entirely to your specification. £25,000. Lots of photos here: I bought the car to convert to historic race specification but it is now available due to a change in plans. Please phone Tim or Steve, on 01162 597309

SOLD: MK1. B9473665HROFE 1966- Right Hand Drive, imported to USA in 1970's.Numbers matching body, engine and gearbox. 260 V8. Mileage, approx. 76.000m. STOA Authenticity ‘TAC' certificated. White with red interior, hard-top and soft-top. Full restoration; engine, body, bare metal paint job, interior [rebuilt seat frames], mechanical, electrical [new harness and alternator], brakes [new master, rebuilt calipers and drums], suspension [rebuilt & rewelded front suspension, rebuilt forward leaf spring perches, high-rate springs, etc]. All mods per LAT type options or "period correct", e.g., Lucas Fogs. Wheels 5 1/2 X 13 Cosmics. Metal air scoop and hot air reliefs added to hood. Note. Passenger side door is "round corner" type left intact during restoration as "you can only look at one side at a time". Engine rebuilt in 2000 and freshened in 2018 and uprated to approx. 220 HP with LAT spec. options, e.g., cam, 4bbl, tube headers, dual point distributor, etc. Rear axle is 3.07 limited slip. Engine cooling mods include Griffin aluminum radiator and enlarged cowl opening, flex fan, overdrive water pump pulley, horn block-off plates.
Pics on Flickr: along with Description of Restoration. Available On-Request: Index of receipts [index and receipts furnished to buyer in binder], and List of included spares. Gallery - US$50,000. Buyer to arrange pick up and shipping of vehicle and spares. Contact Tom: or call [USA] 734-355-7883.